Your Grandmother Has More Energy Than You Have?


Yes, that’s a truth. You may find that your grandmother works with more diligence and concentration. She works hard even in old age. The reason is simple. Her diet and her active life! People of old age used to eat fresh vegetables and fruits throughout their life. Their all eatable were free of any kind of germs and dirt. They used to do lots of work daily. And that is why you find your grandmother being having more energy as compared to yours.

Energy is the thing which comes from good diet. A healthy diet plus exercise, you will too become as active as your grandmother is. It is possible without any doubt that your grandmother has never exercised but she has surely performed various hard tasks. These all keep her fit and healthy. Also, old aged people are in habit of enjoying the natural environment. Whereas we, we have not enough time to enjoy the natural surrounding or environment.

Also, you have noticed that the enhanced energy in your grandmother is the result of her due attention at the time of taking dinner as well as doing any sort of work. You have noticed that she eats slowly, bite well and also drink water before the start of a meal. These little tactics enable her to gain more energy from the food. If we compare our eating habits, we eat fast without giving sufficient time because we are always in a hurry. We even don’t bite well and keep engaging our self into our discussions. We even drink water after taking a meal. This is not right.

This is a fact that younger people require more energy than older people. For that reason, older people take little food and still you find them more energetic than you. Among many other causes, one cause of poor energy in our body is that we don’t like eating vegetables and fruits instead our favorites are junk foods or fast foods. We love to eat these foods while our grandmothers do not like to eat such foods. Now tell how can we are energetic when our food is only burgers and coke. In order to have a good amount of energy, we need to eat vegetables, fruits, grains, and pulses. Meat and chicken are equally important but if they are blended with different fresh vegetables, they will provide double energy. With good energy, we will have the power to do different tasks easily.

In order to excel in the studies and different other works of life, a strong and healthy body is very important. The eating habits we possess and our busy lifestyles, they cannot help us to enjoy healthy life like our grandmother enjoys. Likewise, exercise is also important. We usually sit ideal and want everything at our desk. We have hired lots of servants to serve us. This thing makes us idler. That is why; diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are more common.

The need is to obey grandmother and try to adopt her good habits. Avoid sitting for long and eating junk and fast food. Like your grandmother try to eat fresh homemade foods and also does a little work or exercise, you should take on these practices. In this way, you can enjoy the same energy as your grandmother possesses.