Why should I take a nutritional supplement?


When you find people recommending supplements everywhere, you think that food is not enough to keep the body healthy? That’s true, food is sufficient to keep you healthy. But are you really sure you are eating the right and the required amount of food? Is your food possessed all sorts of required nutrients? Are you following a healthy diet? Lots of questions… and answer… you are not fully well-informed and sure.

That’s why you will find recommendation all over the world for use of nutrition supplements. These supplements ensure delivery of all major and minor nutrients to the body. They help in numerous other body functions.

Here are some valid points answering you this question:

  • The reason for use of these supplements is that most of us are either strictly vegetarian or non-vegetarian.  Many essential nutrients that are present in the vegetables cannot be obtained by those who don’t like to eat vegetables and vice versa. Here the benefits of dietary supplements emerge. Now your food no longer remains sufficient to provide you with enough nutrients. We find that people who avoid eating meats lack vitamin B₁₂ in their diet, this is essential for preventing pernicious anemia. Similarly, you will feel fatigued, find your immunity low and even become malnourished if you are strictly following a vegetarian diet. In order to avoid all such troubles, use nutritional supplements. These will compensate for your losses due to lack of meat in your diet and at the same time keep you free of all the complaints of fatigue and weakness.
  • Supplementation is sometimes needed for newborn. It becomes essential to give them a therapeutic dose of vitamin K if the mother is deficient in it.  Sometimes, due to getting feed by malnourished mother, baby remains deprived of essential nutrients. They may lack vitamin D owing to poor sunlight exposure; here the need for dietary supplements comes.
  • Among you people, are a large number of smokers as well. Cigarette smoke is believed to block the absorption of a variety of minerals, vitamins and different other nutrients, particularly the vitamin C. The smokers need good food rich of all the important nutrients. If they cannot use such food, they can at least get benefits from dietary supplements.
  • Likewise, alcohol abusers also have many deficiencies of vitamins such as deficiency of vitamin B₆, vitamin B1, vitamin C, etc. So to address these deficiencies you can find dietary supplements the best solution.
  • Pregnant ladies are also liable to suffer from certain important nutrient deficiencies as there food is also transporting to their baby. For that reason, your gynecologist always prescribes you to use certain supplements particularly iron, calcium, and folic acid supplementation. You can also be asked to get vitamin K supplement in the 3rd trimesters.
  • Those women who are feeding their babies also require dietary supplements as their food is usually not sufficient to fulfill their body requirement during lactation.

People who diet are likely to suffer from deficiencies of nutrients but they can prevent these deficiencies by simply adding nutritional supplements to their diet plan.

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