Sleep and The Cell Regeneration Process


Regeneration is the most important function of our body. Most of the regeneration process takes place when we sleep. Sleep is when our bodies fix, rebuild, regenerate and repair. Inadequate deep sleep may be the main cause of different degenerative disease such as early or rapid aging. Appropriate sleep is, in fact, an anti-aging, life lengthening and a surreptitious to the spout of Youth!

Quality sleep and rest are essential for healthy functioning of the body and mind. The human brain is an astonishing mechanism. It allows us to think, imagine, feel, experience and investigates, it manages all our body functions and it has even its own timer. It is necessary to take care of our brain. Similar to cleanliness to maintain our body in order, the brain requires some consideration too. The best method to take care of your brain is to let it a good sleep.

Our body can renew cells, in actual fact, we acquire a new collection of cells within a few years. However, it is very difficult to regenerate the neuron cells present in the brain and especially if you hold up yourself from the regular sleep, mistreatment your body with alcohol, cigarettes, and stress, you’ll observe that your brain begins switching off some of the important functions.

Just about the midnight, begins the process of physical cell regeneration, which is powered by the brain. If you go to sleep after the midnight, then your brain merely has no time to carry out these important functions itself. So not only sleep but a proper sleep is a must. If you go to sleep early and also wake up early, your this habit will be fruitful for your health.

It is found out that people who go to take a night sleep prior to the midnight, they have a quicker insight, they interpret and understand faster and even their memory is far better. Ultimately their IQ is also found to be higher. Following standard sleep pattern also enhances the life expectancy. All these become possible due to normal cell regeneration process. In fact, owing to healthy regeneration you will feel being young and energetic. Your skin will also glow. Taking proper sleep of 6 to 8 hours has a wonderful impact on your life.

Serotonin levels react to the elevation of the sun as well as too bright, dark or low sun conditions. Light sets our bodies in action mode and dark sets our bodies in regeneration mode. Thus, if you sleep at night, you are highly getting the benefit of this sleep. It is, therefore, recommended to complete your all kinds of work in the day and take a good sleep at night. This is, in fact, the rule of nature as well.

Just go after the lore of nature. Our predecessors went to sleep with the dusk and woke up very early. They always handled to accomplish all their work in time. They also remained healthy and active and only a few diseases attacked them. So, following a good sleep at the proper time will give you advantages. The important and healthy process of cell regeneration will take place and you will feel active throughout the day. You can focus on your works better as well.

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