Physical exercises


"YOU SHOULD DO EXERCISE." "EXERCISE KEEP YOU FRESH" "EXERCISE PROTECT YOU FROM DANGEROUS DISEASES" All these expression and more we hear, or read them many times. Some of us ask Why all these talks about exercises? What is the importance of the exercises? Does the exercise is so important to this degree?

The answer is "YES" the physical exercise is so important, and helpful in our life the physical exercise affects our health in many ways physical and psychological.

The physical exercises protect you from illness, decrease the severity, or delay complications of many diseases.

Physical Exercise means doing the repetitive regular movement for more than twenty minutes, which help us to keep good health, fitness, and perfect mood.

Many categories of exercises done for many purposes as increase skeletal muscular power, and cardiac muscle or decrease weight, or maintain weight by preventing any increase in weight, as a part from medical treatment schedule, and for enjoyment.

How do physical exercises affect my health?

There are a lot of physical exercises benefits as regular exercises can help our body in many ways.

Immune system activation – Exercise and white blood cells Subpopulations Neutrophils concentrations increase during and after exercise, whereas lymphocyte concentrations increase during exercise and fall below after long-duration.

Exercise and Lymphocyte Proliferation – Lymphocytes must proliferate extensively before they differentiate into functional effectors cells of a particular immunogenic specificity. Exercise and NK Cells Exercise of various types, durations, and intensities induce recruitment to the blood of cells expressing characteristic NK cell markers

Cardiovascular system – Exercises cause vasodilatation in the blood vessels to supply the active muscle with oxygen and nutrients which decrease the peripheral resistance inside the blood vessels. Also, movement prevents the stagnation of blood and prevent the formation of clots which lead to infarction and if reach the brain cause infarction stroke.

Blood glucose level – Nowadays the exercises considers as a cornerstone in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, as their effect on glucose level in the blood.

Exercise and the fat – Exercise increase the metabolic rate so our body is using more calories and burn more fats. Doing physical exercises regularly may help you prevent or get rid of obesity and maintain your body fitness.

Exercises improve the brain functions as well by increasing the blood flow to the brain which carries the nutrition and oxygen, increasing the growth factors that help new nerve cells formation, and increase chemicals in the brain that help cognition, such as dopamine, glutamate, norepinephrine, and serotonin.

Also, physical exercises have an effect on your mood state as it prevents depression and maintains us in a euphoric state. During exercises our body secret endogenous endorphins which decrease our pain and modify our mood.

Physical exercises also can improve the sexual performance and body look.

Exercises reduce levels of Cortisol, it’s is a stress hormone that builds fat in the abdominal region, making weight loss difficult, also cause hypertension, suppress the immune system to increase the infection occurrence.

Physical exercises have more other benefits, an increase, your immune system so decrease the infections, there is good blood supply to your body, it protects us from stroke and infarction, decrease blood glucose level, and decrease our weight.