Thursday Jul 07, 2022

Balanced diets

A diet is the kind of food on which we live. A balanced diet is a food that is enriched with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in such a proportion and quantity sufficient to maintain our vivacity, health, and welfare. Having a balanced diet connotes eating the right kind of food in the […]

You are what you eat

You are what you eat. Nutrition Facts. It’s a famous phrase “YOU are what you eat” but only a few of us are fully aware of its meaning. Here we will present its real meaning and impact. Eating healthy food is essential in order to enjoy life. Though we are aware of the fact that […]

Food & Health

Sensible food choices made all through life can maintain a person’s ability to meet corporeal, emotional and mind confronts and to attain independence from illness. Food and health are each other partners. Food provides a body with the power that enables us to walk, run, talk, and carry out our works. Food promotes health and […]

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