Nourishing your hormonal system

hormonal system

The hormonal system or acetone diet is the only system that ensures the descent of the weight and gets rid of diseases of this age without hunger, fatigue, and dizziness.

How many times we tried to follow a diet and although avoiding meals we like, we got tired and dizzy? How many times we completely followed a diet, and after stopping we didn’t even come back to our previous weights, but we exceeded that by 5 or 6 kilos?

The solution is simple, researchers have found that acetone is the only followed diet that could maintain weight because the rate of insulin in the body is moderate all the time, and that is how they explain the hormonal system, which helps the body to maintain its shape under many and different circumstances, unless this is spoiled somehow with an outer influences, for that to eat carbohydrates increases the amount of sugar in the blood, and the function of insulin in the pancreas is to give orders to reduce rate of sugar in the blood and the transfer of the excess to fats that can be  accumulated in the body, researchers also discovered that protein is the basis for building muscles and as the hormonal system depends on protein and the fat, the body begins to build muscles even without the sports.

We can find today that many of the diet followers complain of the futility of the method they use to decrease their weights, so they move from diet to another, and in the end the result will be for nothing, then they immediately accuse those systems with failure and stop following any other systems, and again the result is what they tried to avoid in the beginning, but before that cause you frustration, despair and let yourself to be an easy prey for obesity, you must know that some of the hormones in our bodies play a major role in the success or failure of the diet, and by creating a balance for these hormones, we can achieve all the impressive results we want to decrease our weights.

How can you start to nourish your hormonal system?

Less storage of fat: if you have passed more than three hours after you wake up from sleep, and didn’t eat any food, then the body will secrete the hormone (cortisol), which stimulates the body to reduce fat, And thus the body weight will increase as a result of eating, So make sure after you wake up to take breakfast before you go through this three hours, And you have to eat between meals some light stuff such as fruit and the yogurt or carrots, so you do not pass three hours without food and when dealing with the first meal the body starts to store fat again, also you should know that eating foods or having drinks that contain caffeine urges the body to secrete the hormone (cortisol), so be sure to minimize them.

Control your desires: the low rate of hormone serotonin which is responsible for a feeling of happiness in the human body is what motivates the apatite of a person, and also to exceed the limits in certain kinds of foods such as sugar, white bread, so a person should eat a lot of bananas, figs, cheese, eggs, and dates, Since these different types of foods can reduce the human appetite because they contain amino acid Altroybtovan which the body converts into serotonergic, and thus its rate in the human body is increased and also the ability of a person to control his desires of eating foods.