Minerals Related Articles. Find out what is the effect of Minerals over your body.

Iodine Benefits

Iodine mineral is an essential micronutrient. The adult human being contains about 50 gram of iodine and the blood level is about 8-12 micrograms. Iodine occurs in two forms: Inorganic or filterable ionic form: This represents about 0.5% of the … Continue reading

Copper Benefits

The amount of copper mineral in an adult body is estimated to be 100-150mg. It is a micronutrient which means it is needed in a small amount. Sources Copper is widely distributed in nature. Even poor diets provide enough copper … Continue reading

Zinc Benefits

Zinc mineral is the component of more than 300 enzymes. It is present in small amount in all tissues but the highest concentration is found in bones, prostate gland, and the eyes. It is a versatile trace element in our … Continue reading