Minerals Related Articles. Find out what is the effect of Minerals over your body.

Boron Benefits

Boron is a trace element in our body.  It is also found to be important to human’s health and human’s behavior. The word boron is originated from Persian and Arabic words "borax", which is a compound containing the element boron, … Continue reading

Chromium Benefits

Chromium mineral is the trace element which has been shown to have a role in binding of insulin to cells and potentiating its effects in glucose metabolism. The metabolism of glucose then has wide ranges of effects throughout the body. … Continue reading

Chlorine Benefits

The element chlorine (Cl) is a poisonous gas. When chlorine is reacted with sodium or hydrogen, however, it gives rise to the negative chloride ion. Chloride mineral is required in the diet. It is the major anion present outside the … Continue reading