Metabolic rate

metabolic rate

These days there is a great trend to increase in the metabolic rate to keep body fitness. Increase body metabolism is very helpful as we can eat more food, do less exercise and still keep our fitness. Even we can lose calories during this time.

To know how to reach this goal let us define the metabolism process.

Simply "It is the chemical and physical process in which our body deal with calories how it built, store, degrade caloric component. So metabolism is usually divided into two categories. Anabolism is the process which uses these calories to construct components of cells, and also store them. Catabolism breaks down organic matter to get calories." , The importance of metabolism is to allow the body to grow, reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to their environments.

Metabolic rate and natural supplements

The speed by which the metabolism balance our body called "metabolic rate" is affected by many factors such as:

Sex – men have high metabolic rate than women, as Testosterone hormone.

Lifestyle – more comfortable condition with low activity lead to low metabolic rate as no calories expenditure.

Thyroid gland state – as hyperthyroidism has a high metabolic rate to be a thin person.

Physical activity – doing exercise increase the metabolic rate as burn more calories.

Body composition – the amount of muscle we have compared to the amount of fat.

Supplements – the metabolism is affected greatly by our diet. The type and amount of food we have and the amount of water we drink can help us have a good and balanced metabolism.

Different dietary supplements natural or artificial can help us stay healthy and keep our body and brain at their full capacity. During exercises, people take many artificial supplements which don’t have the FDA approval and they can cause more harm than good to our health. Always consult someone with medical preparation or a health nutritionist before starting to take supplements or vitamins. Is hard to believe but vitamins can do harm as well if they are taken without our body needs them.

Increase your metabolism with a proper diet.

Drinking cold water – You know you can simply increase your rate of metabolism via drinking cold water some people will strange this simple act. We all know that our internal temperature is about 37 degrees. So when we drink cold water our body burns more calories aiming to increase the temperature of the cold water to our body temperature.

Increase frequency of Eating – Many people when they consider decreasing there weight they begin to prolong the period between the meals. They thought that in this way the decrease their weight, which is extremely wrong. When you prolong the period between meals your body prevent losses of calories as possible as it can. But when you eat your three basic meals, you should have spicy meals in between which stimulate your body to expend more calories.

Eating whole foods – Many peoples tend to have their food in more processed form. They don `t know that in this way they deprive their body of great chances. At first when you get your food processed your body will not burn any calories to extract it` s need from the diet. Also, there is rapid absorption to the elements which will lead to rapid increase in blood glucose so expands fewer calories. Also, there is many Vitamins and Elements are low in processed food. So eating the whole foods expand more calories to get the body needs, also help to get many nutrients like Vitamins and Elements which considered as co-factors in the metabolic process

Increase the protein content – Proteins have a more complicated chemical process which expands more calories. So we can use the advantage by increasing the protein content of our diet.

Deal with carbohydrates – When we have carbohydrate we should have types which need more energy to extract. And expend more calories. So look for high fibers with unprocessed carbohydrate.

Use the healthy fat – Many people said that all fats are harmful. But there are types of fats which are helpful like Omega 3 which suppress your appetite, increases your metabolism and burn fat via Leptin hormone.

Some foods that boost metabolism include green tea, garlic, apple cider vinegar, chili, mustard, complex carbohydrates, and proteins.

Patients who were obese due to what they called ‘low metabolism’ were less active than normal patients, even after losing weight. This study suggested that, rather than obesity causing low metabolism, a low metabolic rate could, in fact, cause obesity. The study provided major headway in the study of metabolism and obesity. According to Dr. Levine, the study demonstrates that "the calories that people burn in their everyday activities are far, far more important in obesity than we previously imagined." Perhaps the best metabolism supplement is a regular activity.

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