Low sugar foods

low sugar

Why is sugar so bad for our organism? Simple, it has no nutrients!

Sugar can be found almost in every common ailment, it can be found in pines butter, ketchup, baked beans and you should carefully read the labels when you go to the store. Sugar can be found in many forms on the labels and it has many names: glucose, fructose, dextrose, maltose and it contains nothing useful but calories. Unfortunately, the body needs sugar to function and I’m talking about glucose, which is the result of a chemical transformation of sugar by insulin, and the brain can’t survive without it. Too much sugar can lead to diabetes that is a spreading disease this day so we should get as many foods low in sugar as we can. Aliments rich in sugar can be found in any store, starting from the common candy, white bread, even in milk that contains the lactose.

Indeed when we eat a sugar-based aliment we fell like we have energy, but that’s only for the moment, Because our body uses sugar to get that kind of quick energy, the problem is that when we are consuming excess sugar we get spikes of energy and then really low peek falls and we will feel exhausted, tired and this makes you go for the sugar again. Recent studies shown that we shouldn’t eat more than 10 tablespoons a day of sugar, and probably that’s not going to happened because all the ailments that we are consuming a high dose of simple sugar or sugar derivatives For example if you eat a meal with fries and ketchup an 2 slices of bread you will get approximate of 13 tablespoons, and that is what you get from a single meal like that.

High levels of sugar lead to high level of GI which is a glycemic index, normally set to 100. Based on this, we have 3 kinds of ailments: low GI foods (55 and under ), medium GI foods(56 to 69), high GI index (70 and over ).

Low GI foods or low sugar foods category contains food like apples that are actually really healthy and helps us in many ways also like the antioxidants from their composition. For instance: skim milk, yogurt, sweet potatoes, oat bread, precooked rice, lentil, baked beans (kidney beans), oranges, plums.

There are some other foods that are at the limit low-medium GI that should be carefully consumed like bananas, pineapples, brown rice, couscous.

So if you want to get a good diet, with low sugar ailments you should pay attention to what you are eating, and as an advice, try to eat as much low sugar foods like fruits as you can and I refer to apples, oranges, limes that have many good qualities, enzymes, antioxidants.

Don’t think that just because they have sugar, even at a lower level it’s a bad choice, because is wrong. Start replacing high GI foods with low GI foods, sure at first you will have cravings, but in time you will lose them and you will fell much healthy and your life will start improving day by day.