Low fat foods

low fat raspberries

Did you know that consuming aliments rich in fats or cholesterol how it’s called, can shorten your life with 20 %, and here I’m talking about a series of diseases that have fats as a cause?

When you continue to eat high cholesterol foods, you kill yourself a little by little every day. It’s really important to get low cholesterol foods and cook only low cholesterol recipes. Eating only foods low in cholesterol based on a daily plan is essential to maintain your life to a healthy level.

Nowadays the problem is that we all have busy lives, and for this reason, many of us are getting junk food. It’s important to choose healthy, low-fat foods, over fast foods, perhaps the best option would be to pack home low-fat foods.

When eating low cholesterol foods such as chicken, lean meat or fish (all kinds of – it contains also the omega 3 protein that makes miracles over our tissues) you will see that your cholesterol levels will go down. You can also balance your daily meals with fresh fruits and vegetables so you will get a lot more energy, as usual, less stress(better concentration on our real problems) and a higher quality of life.

Some of the foods low in fat doesn’t require any preparation, and probably that’s why it’s easier to maintain a good healthy diet (time is a problem for everybody). If you don’t know how to cook these kinds of meals, you can just search on the web for such recipes. Fruits and vegetables are both good examples of low-fat foods which require no preparation and it can be easy for you to have them throughout the day. Instead of fries and burger for lunch, you should consider some fruits, some chicken, and a yogurt.

Also, keep in mind to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and your body functions working at peak efficiency. Water flushes the excess of toxins in our body, including the excess of fats.

Eating low-fat foods as fiber and oats are great for a good balanced low-fat meal. These kinds of healthy food will help you look young and feel great longer.

So, in fact, what are low-fat foods? Simple: those are foods that do not contain a high amount of saturated fat as fruits and vegetables, high fiber food, green leafy vegetables, green salads. At the same time eat whole grains and pulses, whole wheat bread, kidney beans, lima beans, oat cereal, cereals with flax seed, whole grain cereals, fruits (especially strawberry, blackberry, citrus, apples, raspberry ), nuts, beans & peas, corn, soybeans, herbs & spices.

Recent studies reveal that onions, another miracle aliment with a high amount of antioxidants prevent the deposit of cholesterol in arteries and in all the body.

Also as a supplement, you can use niacin-based vitamins or B3, how it’s called because that is working at the liver level and lowers the fat percent in your body.

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