Low Confidence Can Ruin Your Social Life

low confidence

Confidence is a state of self-assurance by which person becomes able to achieve what he/ she desires. It is very important in various aspects of our life. Being confident, you can conquer many things. We all need to be confident in several stages of our life. Wherever our confidence drags, we also slip from the ladder of success. That’s why self-esteem or confidence matters a lot to be triumphant.

Those people who have low confidence lack behind in different aspects than confident people. It somehow begins in the children if children are made to think that they are of no value. It also begins when children are scolded repeatedly rather praising or appreciating. When parents do not praise their child’s any sort of deed, the child starts losing confidence and this thing if continues, enters into his/ her all stages of life. Their self-confidence gets eroded and they believe that they can never attain any achievement or victory in anything they do or perform. Many children are grown in such an environment where they are laughed at, called by bad names, neglected, pushed around and deal with contempt.

These children when entering into adult life, suffer many problems just owing to their low confidence. It can destroy person’s personality; he cannot express properly what he wants and cannot talk and behave in a manner a confident person behaves or talks. There is always a sort of hesitation in the person with low confidence.

One of the major drawbacks of low confidence is that it can ruin our social life. The low confidence people want to be social, active and want to have lots of friends, but only because of their low self-esteem, they cannot enjoy this blessing. They are always in a thought that they will look odd if they initiate any talk or they will be scorned. In fact, they are afraid of some unknown fear and it holds them back. So, they cannot make too many friends. They often feel reluctant in meeting their own relatives. In this way, they completely wreck their social life.

On the other hand, the confident person can stir confidence in others such as their family members, their friends, and their bosses. They gain the confidence of others as well and it is one of the crucial ways of getting success in different areas of life.

Low confidence has never helped anyone. It only leads to a feeling of depression, frustration and inferiority complex.

The need is to overcome it at any mean. Those children who grow with low self-confidence can regain their confidence easily if handled with love and care. Though it may take a time it is not impossible. When we become mature and so our thoughts and we start thinking with reasons. If we are aware of the importance of confidence, we will try our best to develop in our self as well.

So, all those people with low self-confidence control your mental state. You should believe that you are not worthless. God has made everything useful. Just gain trust in yourself, don’t belittle yourself and don’t waste time with feelings of insufficiency. Be confident and be successful!

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