Importance of a Healthy Sleep Cycle

regular sleeping

Although, there is a more need of research and study on the sleep, yet one thing has been proved since ages i.e. the importance of sleep for our health. Sleep is necessary in order to maintain not only physical but also for mental health.

Owing to our hectic lifestyle, there is a great enticement to withhold our sleep and perform our work or other kinds of activities. In doing so, we make our body deprived of its necessary need of rest and relaxation.

There are two kinds of normal and healthy sleep cycles, named as Rapid Eye Movement Cycle and Deep Sleep or Non- Rapid Eye Movement Cycle. These should be normal so you can enjoy healthy sleep pattern. If any of these are affected, you won’t get normal sleep.

Due to many causes, the normal pattern of sleep cycle gets disturbed. This is manifested in the form of day drowsiness, fatigue, insomnia, lack of concentration and tiredness. You can realize by the fact that if you experience such problems, you cannot focus well on anything you want to do. Those people who work a lot while taking a little sleep, are at high risk to suffer from these problems. Most of them, in fact, undergo them and you will find them lethargic and sleepy yet they are pushing themselves to work.

One should be careful about the importance of sleep for our body and soul. A good sleep makes you active and alerts while your mind gets good rest. The brain needs rest just like our muscles and body. Throughout a day, our brain works to execute different essential functions and after some hours, the brain gets exhausted and it requires a break. The break is simply the sleep. Certainly, many of us think that sleep is only a waste of time and there are many things far better than sleep to do after all. No doubt, our bosses also praise those who are workaholic and this encourages employees to just work and sacrifice sleep.

In spite of all such societal pressures and faiths, sleep is a vital part of our life. It offers a time to rest and to rejuvenate. It provides numerous benefits via various ways. For an instant, during sleep, some important hormones are released by our body. The most important is the human growth hormones (GH). It is very essential for young children as well as for adults. In young children, it helps their height to increase while in adults it helps to repair and building the muscle mass, cells, and tissues. Another hormone released is the melatonin. It is released as soon as you fall asleep till 2 to 3 pm. It is necessary for fighting against the infections.

Now you see sleep is not a waste of time. It helps us to be attentive, vigilant and energetic. Also during sleep, certain hormones are produced which offer significant biological functions.

It makes us productive. When we sleep, our worries also get slept and we wake up with a fresh and productive mind. It keeps our mood happy while those who are short of sleep usually found disturbed.

Thus, always take good sleep at least for 6 to 7 hours and enjoy a healthy active life.

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