Healthy foods that gives you energy

healthy foods

Energy food

The body energy is directly linked to the food we eat and utilized. Energy and foods go hand in hand. Foods are considered to be the most important source of energy for our body. It depends on the choice of food that whether it is really energy providing food or energy depriving. But as a whole good food is a major source that maintains our health and body energy. We need energy and power to meet our day to day activities and perform our duties. Different activities demand fats and carbohydrates as a fuel while our body needs proteins to build up body mass and maintain strength. Minerals and vitamins are required to support not only tissue metabolism but also the building of new tissues. Even water is also included here and is required to help distribute the fuels and to disperse the formed heat and waste products. Without energy you cannot do anything, in fact, you cannot move easily. So energy is the main thing that enables a person to achieve what they want to but via eating good energetic food.

Need of ATP

Adenosine triphosphate is found in the small amount in all body tissues. This ATP provides driving force chemically to contract the muscle. In the case of muscle, relaxation ATP feeds the energy back via losing its phosphate bond. This activity of ATP along with ATP productions is due to the food we eat and that richly supplies us with energy.

Glucose & Fats Need During Physical Activity

The stored glucose in liver and muscles plays a vital role in enabling us to perform a different kind of exertional activities. This glucose comes from various foods such as certain sweet fruits and vegetables. When a person performs any activity, liver immediately releases glucose into the circulation to carry out this activity.

Protein Requires For Activities

Since proteins make our muscles strong and increase the muscle bulk and this makes our physical look stronger. Not only apparent look becomes strong but also person becomes stronger from inside and is able to carry out any activity.

Vitamins & Mineral to Support Body

There are lots of vitamins and minerals that assist in energy release from the fuels and oxygen transport. This information has led many people to think that likewise minerals and vitamins supplements boost energy and make a person perform physical activities.

Foods that give you energy

Here are super energizing foods that maintain our all-purpose happiness and health.

Pumpkin seeds

These seeds are filled with important minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium. It also contains vitamin K necessary for making blood clotting factors.


Celery is a refreshing source of fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin B. It has a diuretic effect and therefore results in excess water excretion out of the body.

Certain Snacks

There are certain important snacks that can keep you energetic such as hummus. It is a healthy food that enhances body energy.


Fruits enclose lots of vitamins and minerals. For example, one apple can give you enough energy to carry out activities. It is also a rich source of polyphenols and flavonoids and both these acts as powerful antioxidants that protect the body against toxins effects. Banana is the rich sources of potassium. This important miner is needed to keep normal blood pressure as well as heart function.

Whatever the food you eat, you should be aware of its benefits and hazards. We will advise you to first seek components of foods, nutritional status, and their action and then add them to your diet.

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