Boron Benefits

mineral boron

Boron is a trace element in our body.  It is also found to be important to human’s health and human’s behavior. The word boron is originated from Persian and Arabic words "borax", which is a compound containing the element boron, It is usually found in those places where dry climates persist. Its important to human body came to know in the year of 1980. In the body, the boron mineral is present in the bone as well as in the thyroid gland.


It’s richly present in plant kingdoms. It is found in prunes, soybeans, peanuts, red wine, raisins, dates, almonds, hazelnuts, apples, cherries, peaches, grapes, cabbage, beet, greens beans, legumes, broccoli, pears, and nuts.

It is also found in the soil as well as in the drinking water.


  • Boron causes stimulation of Vitamin D in the body which is essential for bones mineralization. Since this mineral is important in the calcium metabolism and activation of vitamin D it, therefore, prevents the development of osteoporosis.  It causes a delay in the appearance of symptoms due to calcium deficiency but it has no role in replacing it. Boron keeps the calcium soluble.
  • Boron also plays a role in being the regulator of calcium potassium ratios and also helpful in the absorption of nitrogen.
  • It also seems to be playing a useful role in the oxidation-reduction equilibrium in the cells.
  • It is also helpful in maintaining levels of phosphorus and copper as well.
  • It even causes prevention of osteoarthritis and is beneficial in its treatment.
  • It is found to reduce the symptoms of arthritis as well as its incidence. This is because of connection of boron with the joints. Those areas which contain a good concentration of boron in their solid and drinking water, the incidence of arthritis is found to be very low among that areas people.
  • Beneficial effects of boron can also be seen in postmenopausal women. Boron is especially important to them if they are deficient in magnesium. Boron supplementation can lead to improvements in both magnesium and calcium. It prevents magnesium excretion from the body. Boron also provides following effects in the human body.
    1. It causes an increase in the concentrations of hormone the testosterone in the serum.
    2. Boron results in elevations of levels of estradiol which is the estrogen very important by-product in the serum.

Recommended Dose

  • In children, it is about 1.5 mg.
  • In the males of ages 11 to 18 years, it is about 2.0 mg.
  • In adults males daily recommended dose of boron is about 2.0 mg.
  • In females, daily intake of boron is around 2.0 mg.
  • Postmenopausal women should take 3.0 mg.
  • Pregnant and Lactating women should take 2.5 mg daily.


Lack of boron in the body leads to increased incidence of development of certain metabolic diseases. It may lead to the development of arthritis as well as other joints and bone degenerative diseases. Calcium and magnesium levels cannot be maintained due to boron deficiency which is needed to be maintained for the proper functions of our central nervous system. Following symptoms may be seen in case of its low level. There will be bone or joints pain, symptoms of depression also with stress and other CNS manifestations.


A Surplus of boron does not lead to major effects on the body.