Are Nutrition Supplements Safe?


Supplementation is a hot topic and dispersed among the legitimate research results are thousands of misinforming and unsubstantiated claims. The media, eager for latest news, often tales scientific reports prematurely. Consequently, these lead to arising misconceptions about different things. Same is for the use of nutritional supplements. In this context, we will try to put forward about the safety of nutritional supplements as well as make you aware regarding some dangerous supplements.

You will see ads for different dietary supplements far and wide. These supplements are presented as they are some miracle pills. So, all of us want to know if these are really such incredible supplements.

The answer to the question is that most of the nutrition supplements are safe to use. Many companies have dedicated themselves to ensure quality supply of these supplements. They take proper care while manufacturing them. With the help of specialized and hygienic equipment supplements, they are prepared by a uniform mixing of all the essential ingredients. These companies also make certain the arrangements of optimum environmental humidity and temperature in order to perform all these processing. If supplements are prepared in this way, then why not they are safe to use?

Similarly, if dietary supplements are approved by FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and are prepared according to Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) rules and regulation, no one can prove them unsafe.

Dietary supplements are usually considered a good alternative to most of the necessary nutrients. They very easily cover all the deficiencies and provide a good effect on the health. Many of them even help you to boost your body metabolism and help you lose weight fast. Though these are not therapeutic drugs, yet they help enhance your immune system of the body, support improve your memory and make you energetic and physically fit and strong.

No doubt, manufacturers of these supplements don’t need to seek the approval of FDA, but once a dietary supplement is launched and brought to the market, FDA monitors it. If it is found to be a health hazard, it is withdrawn from the market. So you can take an idea from the availability of the supplements or from the period it has been in the market. If these have been prevailing in the market for years, it means these are safe to use.

We cannot deny the fact that some of these supplements prove to be dangerous. They may give severe kind of adverse effects. The supplements which are known to cause adverse effects to include kava, Yohimbe, comfrey, bitter orange, etc. avoid them in order to keep yourself safe from serious side effects.

In order to know the safety as well as the effectiveness of nutrition supplements, there is a criterion you can follow:

  • Check either your particular supplement is approved by FDA
  • Supplements are not violating the cGMP
  • The rank and popularity of a company making these supplements
  • If claims are valid and not over-exaggerated

Despite the fact that majority of the nutrition supplements are safe to use but we will still recommend you to seek the help of a medical practitioner or a dietitian prior to consuming these supplements.

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