Thursday Jul 07, 2022

Metabolic rate

These days there is a great trend to increase in the metabolic rate to keep body fitness. Increased body metabolism is very helpful as we can eat more food, do less exercise and still keep our fitness. Even we can lose calories during this time. To know how to reach this goal let us define […]

Alternative medicine

We all hear about alternative medicine, which occupies a space in the methods of treatment. Many people nowadays use alternative medicine as a way to heal their illness, which may be physical or psychological. Many researches were done, and are still being done about the widespread of alternative medicine, types of A.M., are they effective […]


Plant foods, such as vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain foods contain elements beneficial to our health, researches support that some of these foods can delay the occurrence of many age-related diseases. After more research, some bioactive components have been identified in food, such as antioxidants, which are believed that be responsible for maintaining health and for […]

Immune system

The body’s immune system is particularly and highly important at strengthening the ability of the human resistance to diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, worms, and parasites, as well as playing a very important role in helping the body to stand the effects of adverse environmental factors with its different kinds of physical, chemical, social, […]


You must have a high metabolism if you want to stay in good health, but you can learn how to increase the metabolism speed because increasing your metabolism can help you burn calories, replace fats with muscles, and give you more energy, but the key to increasing your metabolism is to understand exactly what it […]

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