10 Tips To Improve Your Memory

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The study of organic memory disorders has led researches to identify brain structures that appear to mediate short-term and long-term memory. Two of the key parts of the limbic system, the hippocampus and the amygdale embedded under the temporal lobes are essential in receiving new information and storing it. You may find that some people remember thinks easily while some find it difficult. Here we have found following techniques through which you can facilitate your memory and learning of new information.

Feedback of Results

Learning enhances most effectively when you receive feedback of results as it allows you to check and see if you are memorizing things. In this way, feedback can also aid you to recognize material that needs to work out more.

Focus and attention

A setting that increases your focus and attention while studying makes sure minimal distraction will turn your concentration to the memory job at hand.


This means learning many times can make you remember for a longer period of time. If you are going to learn something, you also need to retrieve or rehearsal it. When you are reading your book, you must stop many times and try to memorize what you have just read. You can do this by summarizing.


If you are trying to learn lots of words, organize them in such a way that may make a sense and you learn them well. For instant to remember these words west, woman, blue, summer, man east, orange, winter, organize them as follow: west, east, woman, man, blue orange, summer, and winter. Thus, by making up stories, you can remember easily.

Use of Mnemonics

It is a memory aid of any kind. Some individuals representing their extraordinary accomplishments with their memory and learning are actually taking benefits of the use of mnemonics. These methods rely on the associations or linking to be remembered material in an organized and systemic way.

Attach Feelings and Emotions

Attach feelings, sentiments or hook up with an occasion using mental images or visual imaginary to improve retention. One method is to simply visualize an unusual scene that comprises a variety of elements you desire to keep in mind. We barely ever fail to remember what is emotionally noteworthy in our lives.

Serial Position

Whenever you like to study something, be conscious of the serial position outcome. This is the propensity to formulate most mistakes in remembering the middle of a list.

Spaced Practice

It is usually superior to massed performance. By enhancing focus, three 30 minutes study sessions can bring more learning than one hour of nonstop study.

A Good Sleep

All students are casual for their sleeping period especially during periods of exams. They are unaware that sleeping after studies is useful and decreases the interferences. Likewise, breaks and leisure time in a timetable are as significant as the study period. Staying awake the entire night prior to your exam is after all not the good practice to do.


Reviewing soon before a test is useful, though one should keep away from the inclination to learn new information at that point. This review should not be more than an hour or so.