10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mood

improve mood

No doubt there are many problems that affect our mood. We sometimes become sad, angry or offended. Likewise, some people even undergo extreme of moods like seen in case of anxiety and depression. Though antidepressants are there to help them these are not without side effects. If you look around, you will find various ways to be happy. There are many natural strategies present that really help you to come out of the depressive and gloomy feelings. These can even save you from the use of medicines.

Here we have presented 10 ways you can do to improve your mood. We are sure; they will lighten your worries and boost your mood.

Do Shallow Breathing

It was found to affect your mood. If you do not take deep breaths, you may likely lead to poor oxygen delivery to your body tissues. So, check out this energizing exercise that will really calm your aggressive mood.

Take a breath into your body via nose slowly and allow your chest to expand fully. Hold it and count. Now take the breath out slowly and again count. Counting should be double on each breath intake and out. Repeat the similar procedure at least 10 times and you will feel better.

Check Out your Old Photos

This is one of the easiest ways to change your mood. Go through the photo album of your baby, any visitor any event that gives you ecstasy. It will probably make you feel good.

Listen to Some Music

Various studies have proved that listening to music can help us in several ways. It lowers BP, lessens our stress and enhances our mood. You can listen to any type of music, you like the most. It will definitely work!


Indulge yourself in any sort of exercise you like to do or you normally do. It is said that exercise helps in releasing the endorphins that facilitate in making our mood pleased and satisfied.

Smell A Lovely Fragrance

Studies show that smelling a pleasant fragrance have good effects on the endocrine system, circulatory and nervous system. Even one study has shown that smelling lavender oil before undergoing dental work can make you experience less nervousness.

Indulge Yourself Into Spiritual Side

Indulging yourself in your religious services can also give your mind a calming and relaxing feeling. The more frequently you attend these services, the more satisfied you will feel. You can try restoration yoga or mediation. A new investigation shows that holy practices, for example, regular mindfulness exercises, can, in fact, modify anatomy of the brain in a way that endorses a sense of happiness or well-being.

Try to Help Someone

Try to help your friends or colleagues in their work. It will make you feel good and forget your worries. Those people who help others are the most contented.

Come Out of Your Past

If you have some grimy or unpleasant memories just escape from them as they will only make you feel restless regarding your future. Come out of the depression you suffered in the past and trust in God for your future and betterment.

Talk With Your Friends

Ask your friends to either come to your home or meet you at some hotel or any recreational sport. Talk to them and dine with them. You will really feel fresh and happy.

Play with a Pet or Babies

You can play with your babies and it will definitely help you to forget your worries. In case you don’t have babies then play with your pet. Important point is to make yourself busy in any interesting activity.