You are what you eat


You are what you eat. Nutrition Facts.

It’s a famous phrase “YOU are what you eat” but only a few of us are fully aware of its meaning. Here we will present its real meaning and impact. Eating healthy food is essential in order to enjoy life. Though we are aware of the fact that use of sugar and fatty foods are not good, still, we take them. You look for something that keeps you smart and well-built but don’t change the habits. We also know that food which works for people in their childhood and teenage won’t essentially work the same in their old age. So to be healthy in each decade of life, you need to follow certain essential points.

Teenage and Eating!

When you are a teenager, you usually spend an active life. You play, go to college and study. Here you need a good diet to handle your all activities flawlessly. You can use some of the extra diets but again you have to be in control especially for carbohydrates and fats. Try to eat food cook at your home instead of eating from your college canteen. Breakfast is important and you should eat egg, milk and brown bread. You can add refined carbohydrates because they are easily digestible and do not lead to elevated glucose levels for longer time period. In the lunch teenagers should utilize vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, you can even drink green juices made from green vegetables. These green vegetables not only provide essential vitamin but also enhance your body energy. They possess marvelous energizing constituents.

We have seen that due to studies burden, teenagers frequently take tea or coffee. But this habit is not healthy and you have to cut own its use. Tea can be taken though but in certain limits.

Bad habits such as smoking and alcohol intake are in vogue among people at their 20’s. These things are quite dangerous to your health. You all should avoid them.

Adults and Eating

With advancing age, certain changes occur in the body. In the thirties, you may feel slowing of metabolism plus difficulty in losing weight. Now your diet should be according to your body requirement. Usually, females don’t care much about that after they get married and have children. They only care their children and husbands. While men also stop taking care of them. All of them need a change in food which itself will then take care of your body. At the thirties, you can use carbohydrates coupled with proteins. Use foods such as black beans, chickpea, edamame or kidney beans. If any female is conceiving a baby then she should add foods rich in iron, flaxseed oil, nut butter, olives, and almonds. You have to take such kind of healthy foods that perfectly compensate all the losses.

If anyone wants to lose weight but find it difficult to do it, try to add green tea into your diet. You can utilize green chili pepper since it has the ability to increase your metabolism but for the time being.

For females especially after menopause should utilize diets rich in calcium. Here you can drink lots of milk but you have to avoid sugars. For men, they should also cut down the use of carbohydrates along with fatty foods. Both genders increase their calcium and protein intake. Diet rich in fibers is essential so you can use mustard greens, cauliflower endive, asparagus, and broccoli.

Old age and Eating

The old age is the risk factor for various diseases. Chances of cancers are more here. So here both genders need to stop using alcohol. Smoking should not be done. Meals should be made more frequent. You can use 4 to 6 meals in a day. This will reduce any kind of stress and enhance your metabolism. Fruits, vegetables, and omega 3 fatty acids should necessarily be added in the diet. At this age use of dietary supplements is not a bad idea. In fact, these will overcome all the deficiencies and keep you healthier and fit for your day to day activities.

Nutrition Facts

It is a label box that you can find at any food packed. It tells us how much calories are present and what the constituents of foods are. This is the requirement by the Food and Drug Administration. This provides wonderful information for you to make selection whether you want this food and requires all the constituent. You can decide whether it will be good for your health or bad. It also facilitates you to match up similar products to see which one might be a better choice.

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