Whole food supplements


There are few of us who know, or care about the components of the food we have. We should know at least our requirements and which type of food we should have to get our needs, the amount of our needs, from where we get them.

Food is so important for our healthy life. It helps us to continue our life.

We should know about the sources of our food which may be plant sources like cereals, fruits, vegetable and nuts or animal sources like meat, fish meat, milk, eggs and other.

To know about our needs of our food we should to know the composition of the food which may be carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Notice that there are substances which are essential and should be supplied as our body can’t synthesis them alone

In our diet we should have all the elements not concentrate on one type over the other elements as any decrease or increase of any substance of our daily requirements will surely causes manifestation of variable types of the diseases.

There is great false fixed believe that vitamins are only what our bodies need, if we get them this will make us so strong , even without any supply care about the other elements of lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals.

Some people seek to get processed food or get regular use of vitamins. Both of them harm themselves, as they prevent great benefits to affect there bodies. They are affected not only in physical way, but also emotional affection will occur. As changes of the mood, sensation of fatigue and stress occur.

No one can ignore the importance of the vitamins in our life but there are many people who concentrate to have vitamins regularly without any cause, as disease needs to be treated with vitamins as their deficiency or depletion by other disease, by other meaning doctor not prescribes them, they will suffer from overdoses of vitamins will occur which have sever side effects and will need treatment.

When we have whole food supplements it’s very great as we will have the advantage of each substance they have.

With whole foods we get the vitamins and minerals, the essential fatty acids and amino acids great benefits all together.

Also the whole food supplements contains a lot of vitamins, electrolytes and minerals in complexes forms. they are very important for our body. They has role in acid – base balance, and neurological effects.

The good balanced diet is required for our healthy life. It’s achieved by having variable, essential, healthy food.

Regular vitamin supplements can offer us only some vitamins or some minerals, but our body can’t use that vitamin if it doesn’t have all the other substances required to react with them. Whole food supplements practically provide us all the substances our body and our brain needs so they can react with each other and have the effect we are looking for. Our body functions are very complex and we need all types of micronutrients for all this functions to work properly. Some of them are synthesised in our body, but many other of them have to be provided from external sources like foods or nutritional supplements.

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