Phobia is the form of anxiety disorder in which person feels intense fear from anything which is in real not a fearful thing. The phobia is not a usual thing. Although people feel fear from so many things but this fear is from actual things which are indeed very dreadful. But it is opposite in phobia. Normally people feel fears or phobias from closed-in places, highway driving, heights, flying insects, needles and snakes. But there are lots of so many other things as well. These phobias may be developed in the childhood but in the adult age these may also develop.

Signs and Symptoms

Phobia is characterized by feeling of strong fear, a person may start shaking and sweating. A person looses his control and therefore cannot escape. Along with phobia he feels anxiety too.  It may last for a short period of time and person become normal.

Some Common Phobias

There are many forms of phobia by which person can feel fear. These include

  • Environmental phobia: people feel fears from naturally occurring things such as mountain, lakes, sea, water, storm, flood, rain etc
  • Animal Phobia: In this form people feel fear from so many animals such as dog, cat, snake, lizards, spiders, and cockroach. There is a large list of such animal phobias.
  • Phobias of Places: This includes close spaces, places at height, elevators and lifts etc.
  • Phobia of Situations: These include phobia of going to doctor, dentists, or meeting with boss etc

Other form of phobia include injection phobia, phobia from undergoing any medical procedure, from flying in the aeroplane, phobia from delivering speech in front of the public.


The phobia is divided into many types

  • Specific phobia: In this phobia occur due to some specific things.
  • Social phobia: This type of phobia is from people or public. It arises when doing anything in front of people such as talking, eating, or performing anything.


It is said that these phobias arise due to already stored such dreadful events in our brain especially in the area of hippocampus and amygdale who record these events as very dreadful. It is also said that amygdale results in secretion of certain hormones which result in feeling of intense fear. It may lead to activation of fight or flight response.


It is made on the basis of specific signs and symptoms of this phobia.  There is a persistent fear of specific thing in such person. It may either be social phobia, in which person feels fear and could not go in front of people to make his appearance or fear from performing any act or work. He not only feels fear but also shows intense shyness. These things can easily lead to the diagnosis of phobia.


There are various procedures by which the specific phobia can be removed. Some of them include

Medication:  Certain drugs can be helpful in relieving from phobia. These include antidepressants such as monoamine oxidase inhibitors, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, as well as drugs from benzodiazepine groups.

Hypnotherapy: This therapy also claims to remove man’s phobia.

Cognitive behavioral therapy: It leads to improvement of man’s thinking and feeling and enables a man to realize that fear is nothing but just his mind thought and there is nothing to be feared from any specific thing.

Desensitization therapy: This is the eye movement desensitization therapy which is also found to be good in removing the phobia.

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