You must have a high metabolism if you want to stay in good health, but you can learn how to increase the metabolism speed, because increasing your metabolism can help you burn calories, replace fats with muscles, and give you more energy, but the key to increasing your metabolism is to understand exactly what it is.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is the amount of energy (calories) our body burns to maintain itself, metabolism occurs in our muscles, organs and as a result of this is what we refer to calories, the high metabolic rate or "metabolism" increases the number of calories or energy consumed in the body, and without optimum metabolism the body will store extra calories as fat for future use. The problem for many people is that they never use these extra calories and therefore they suffer from overweight.

There are many factors that affect the metabolic rate of a person, including age, weight, hormonal changes, muscle size, food, genetic factors, stress, and the amount of daily physical activity, and it has been proved that the increase in metabolism involves many factors, but in fact it is relatively easy to enhance the levels of your metabolism if you really want to do this.

Increase metabolism speed.

Here are a few tips to help you increase your metabolism:

  • Increase your body mass muscle. As aging the body’s ability to burn calories is decreasing, and to overcome this problem, you need to keep practicing any kind of exercises as it helps muscles to burn more calories, so the more muscles you have the higher the rate of burning calories will be, and that happens even if you are resting in the shade. You can build muscles by training at least twice a week to get the weights and to increase muscular effort. You can also increase your metabolism by exercise special cardiomyopathies such as walking, for example, You can choose to do this between or simultaneously with the training, you can simply use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Try to sleep very well, researches have shown that people who do not get enough sleep tend to gain weight, this may be because the body renews itself during sleep.
  • Drink more water, water helps in flushing toxins out of your body, and keep the kidney running at maximum efficiency, allowing the liver to work better.
  • Drinking green tea as the green tea boosts your metabolism and unlike coffee, it does not contain caffeine.
  • Eat small meals. Eating from 5 to 6 small meals per day spaced 2 to 3 hours, gives the body stability at energy supplies, and prevents binge eating.
  • Make sure to eat breakfast, it has been found that many people ignore eating breakfast without knowing it is the most important meal of the day, as the breakfast gives your metabolism a boost to ensure consistency in the energy supplies throughout the day, Therefore, it is confirmed that the majority of people who eat a healthy breakfast don’t suffer from overweight or any other health problems.

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