May nutrition supplements have side-effect?

supplements side effects

Nutritional supplements are utilized by majority of people owing to their healthy and beneficial effects. There are huge numbers of such supplements readily available in the market. It is estimated that approximately 44% US population are using supplements daily. Large numbers of people prefer use of supplements over their medicines even. Herbal supplementation is quite common in our society. Being natural these are considered safe so people keep taking them for prolong period of time. These are not regulated by FDA as well so these are easily available over the counters. Using without any prescription and need may create problems themselves.

There is no uncertainty regarding the importance of these supplements, yet one should keep in mind that a few of them do have some sort of adverse effects.

A research was conducted in which it was found out that use of nutrition supplements is associated with grave kind of side effects. We, though, cannot deny the fact that side effects arise when there is misuse of supplements or overuse of them. Those supplements may cause problem which are made up of unknown ingredients or little or no research has been done on them. Here we have found some supplements that possess side effects:

  • Kava – Kava is employed to relief apprehension, strain, and agitation. It is also found beneficial in treating sleeplessness. Yet, it can make depression symptoms worse. It also has significant bad effect on the liver. If you are already suffering from any kind of liver disease or are on certain medicines that enhance the liver sensitivity, consult your doctor prior to taking a kava supplementation.
  • Ginkgo –
    Ginkgo biloba is used as it may boost the memory and concentration. It is a popular supplement among students as well as elder people population. It may even be useful in patients of certain diseases that impact memory. Still, this herb shows interaction when you take it with medicines such as aspirin or Ibuprofen. This can lead to excessive bleeding or poor healing.
  • YohimbeYohimbe bark is quite famous for its useful effect in the treatment of sexual dysfunction for both men and women. It also helps in weight loss. But again it can cause some minor degree of side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, high BP, irritability, changes in sleep patterns, rapid heartbeat and skin rashes.
  • St. John’s WortSt. John’s Wort is considered good in lessening your depression and enhancing your mood. But its overuse can create problems such as severe sorts of reaction due to sunlight. It can raise the metabolism of estrogen and you will get trouble due to its subsequent effects.
  • Excess Use Of Vitamin And Mineral Supplements – Since vitamin and minerals are micronutrient they are required in only little amount. If you use them in excess, they will cause harm to you. For instant, if you overuse niacin supplement, it will affect your eyes.


By telling side effects of some of the nutrition supplements, we never mean to divert your attention from them. The dietary supplements are safe! No uncertainty in it. We just want to make aware that you should use them in moderate amount. Those women who are conceiving a baby or nursing their babies are especially suggested to take advice of their gynecologist before using any sort of supplements. Always purchase dietary supplements from reputable dealers and talk with your doctor before using them.

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