Maintain your hormonal system balanced with dietary supplements


If we don’t take care of our hormonal system balance there is an increase incidence of endocrinal diseases. The endocrinal system consists of glands which secret directly to the blood what is called hormones.

There are many glands in our bodies, each has specific unique function and complementary functions. All of them work together under the effect of pituitary gland "the maestro" of all glands. Each of them are affected by what is called feedback effect which may be positive feedback; in this form the levels of the hormones increase or negative feedback, in this form the levels of the hormones decrease.

The hormones are chemical substances which act their action on the effectors organs.

Hormones consist of different components like the poly-peptides of amino acids, glycoprotein which is carbohydrate attached to the proteins, steroids, or amines.

These hormones are secreted from their glands and do there action on the cell membrane receptors, or by intracellular mechanism.

The hormones play a role in all processes which occurs inside our body so we should take care all the time of our hormonal sistem balance.

They are responsible for the growth like growth hormones from the pituitary gland; control our metabolic rate by the thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland, control bone density and calcium level in your blood by the parathyroid gland, sex differentiation and appearance of secondary sexual characters by sex hormones,

control glucose level in the blood by the insulin hormone from the pancreas, and others

Dietary supplements play an important role in the process of the formation, and regulation of the hormones. So we can protect ourselves from endocrinal diseases with dietary supplements.

The proteins play an essential role in the process of hormones formation and regulation, secretion, transfer via the blood, also in the formation of receptors.

We should have the essential amino acids, which are present in animal sources. If you are vegetarian you can use the complementary sources of plant origin.

The synthesis of many hormones depends on the lipids, so we should be supplied by the good healthy fatty acids. There are many sources of these healthy fatty acids. The fatty acids mainly are in the form of Omega oils. Essential fatty acids should be supplied in our diet as our body can’t synthesis it. The commonest rich sources of essential fatty acids are fishes. So we should have fish regularly in our diet

Also the level of both, the triglycerides and LDH should keep within normal. As should decrease the TAG levels, and increase the LDH levels. That’s an important thing in cases of diabetes mellitus patients.

The minerals plays an important role in the processes of regulation of the hormone levels; one of them is the Calcium levels in the blood which affect directly your parathyroid gland any decrease or increase in the level of calcium lead to changes in the parathyroid hormones levels, and indirectly by the phosphorus levels in the blood.

Garlic, some people get away from the garlic as its offensive odor but they by this way prohibit their bodies from great benefits of the role of garlic in both immunity and control many hormonal levels.

No one can deny the great effect of vitamins in our diet they have important role in all our biological processes. They are important in cell integrity. Act as antioxidant the most simple example is C. Also vitamin D play an important role in the processes of control of Ca levels so the decrease in the vitamin D levels followed by decrease in the level of Ca level, which stimulate the parathyroid hormones levels.

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