How to Improve Your Memory

improve memory

Memory is the person’s ability to retain and remember things and on the need to recall. Since it’s the ability so it depends purely on the body’s health and vigor. It is not like a computer that it will boost up simply by adding a new chip to it. A good memory is essential for all whether you’re a school going kid or a professional adult person. But as our brain is quite complex and it is not an easy job to enhance memory. So one has to work on it via different ways. There are lots of things you can do to perk up your memory and mental recital. You can read these potential ways to keep the memory and mind sharp.

Strap up the Brain Energy

Neuroplasticity is the ability of our nervous system to adapt and to change. This can even occur at old age. It’s the brain astounding ability. So by stimulating the brain rightly, new neural pathways formation can occur that modify the previous pathways while making it possible to adapt to the new situation and ways easily. So this brain quality can be redesigned in enhancing memory and learning. You can exploit the natural neuroplasticity to amplify your cognitive abilities, augment your ability to learn new information, and get your memory better.

Keep Stress & Anxiety Away

If a person is under stress, how can you consider him to concentrate and remember things? It’s natural that he cannot recall things immediately because of this stress. Stress is considered to be the worst foe of the brain. It leads to brain cell destruction and particularly affects the hippocampus of the brain which is a major region where memory formation and recall occurs. You can avoid stress by mediation. It is said that not only it increases memory sharpness and alertness but also lead to increases in thickness of the cerebral cortex and promotes more links between brain cells.

Carry Out Exercise of Brain

Since in our brain, new memory formation occurs while the old memory is erased out. In order to keep it intact, we need to give some workouts to the brain. You can try some challenging and new things. You can learn a new language or instrument. You can take part in sport or try to attempt a challenging crossword or Sudoku puzzle.

Some Quick ideas You can Always Attempt Effortlessly

Eat brain enhancing foods:  Eat memory-boosting foods such as fish, walnuts, flaxseed oil, ground flaxseed, soybeans and pumpkin seeds. Avoid alcohol and fat-containing diets. Always use fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables.

Enjoy Healthy relationships: This is very important for your brain to work properly being stress-free. When you’re happy and contented with family and friends and having their strong support, your mind will remain calm and enable you to learn more and more. The happy brain will impart sharp memory as well.

Laugh and play: You should show up your emotions.  Laugh, enjoy and play around with kids, play games or engage yourself in learning some challenging and difficult skill.

Improving memory Tips

  • Pay proper attention. The thing which gets imprint in your mind owing to proper attention may store in your memory for long.
  • Relate information to different things and emotions such as colors, consistency, memorable events, tastes, and smells.
  • Rehearse information again and again.
  • Use of mnemonic help greatly. These rely on the association of to be remembered material.
  • Employ your most working sensory channel i.e. it can be visual or auditory.
  • Center of attention should be the basic ideas for difficult topics.
  • Keep your mind relaxed since relax mind enable you to learn and remember things for a long period.
  • Take proper sleep. When you’re deprived of good sleep, your brain can not function at full capacity.

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