How to get more blood flow and oxygen to the brain


The brain is the exclusive organ controlling our each and every moment. It works properly when it receives proper food which is oxygen, transmitted to it via blood. Oxygen is the brain’s chief energy. Although, most of us believe that exercises are good for health and body but we are not so familiar of its wonderful effects on our brain. Physical activity or exercise is outstanding way to increase blood flow and let go more oxygen to the brain. It perk ups the entire circulation of the body.

Physical exercises make you strong and allow you to meet different challenges of life. All this occur because you have strong brain enriched with blood and oxygen. The active brain makes you to handle emergencies, difficult situations or events.

Release of Important Endorphin

When we exercise, it indirectly leads to brain exercise. In this way, there is release of an important neurotransmitter occur, the Endorphins. It is a natural analgesic. Its release causes the body to feel being ecstatic and contented. This endorphin also works to reduce depression and stress. We have seen that physically active people enjoy life more being confident and satisfied. Because of exercise our body becomes capable of self medicating and removes every kind of stress and strain itself. 

Some Exercises You can perform

You can carry out wide range of physical exercises such as aerobic, walking briskly, riding a bike, swimming, running and taking parts in different sports

Benefits of Walking To Brain

Walking is considered especially excellent exercise for the brain, because it not only augments blood circulation and the oxygen but also allows more glucose to reach the brain. It is not difficult to perform, anyone can do it easily and it also does not let you to put extra efforts. As you walk, your brain efficiently gets oxygenated.  It is also said that walking lucid your head and is therefore help in thinking better.

Different kinds of movements we do while exercising increase the rate of breathing and this further increases heart rate. Increased heart rate pumps more blood to meet its increase demand. Therefore, more blood flows to the brain, resulting more energy production and removal of wastes.  Even some researches say that in reaction to exercise, the cerebral blood vessels start growing. Walking regularly can lead to enhance memory as well. It improves learning ability, cognitive functions & concentration, and allows conceptual reasoning.

Running & Sports Benefits

By either running or doing any sports, you are directly exercising your body and brain. It is said that running boosts up the brain functions and even may setback the inception and succession of some neurodegenerative diseases.

Make Brain Intelligent

Physical exercises also increase the production of brain cell, particularly in the areas of learning, and therefore add more brain power. Scientists believe that there is a link between exercise and getting intelligent while doing so. It assists in removing any ambiguity from the mind and a person may then be able to feel and think evidently and execute work better. Once this is accomplished brain set ups more space to learn in addition to new cells production.

Brain Prospect and Your Life!

As with regular exercise, people not only feel healthy and active for that period but these exercises also provide benefit for later life. Accrued exercises over the years and the steady flow of blood and oxygen to your brain, coupled with new cells production in the brain all can lead to decrease risk of development of degenerative brain diseases such as Parkinson disease, Alzheimer’s disease when aging starts. This is also true with other cerebral problems such as dementia, as commonly diagnosed in elderly people. Exercise induces long lasting effects on your body and brain. All these help you to concentrate, think, and feel. You will make decision rightly; handle critical matters patiently and wisely. You will find boost of your memory as well. Just start doing physical activity of your choice; you will definitely feel a change, obviously positive change with natural increase of blood and oxygen flowing to your brain.

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