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Healthy life is one of the basic requirements of all human being. Everyone needs to be strong, graceful, to move with ease. They want to accept physical, emotional and mental challenges without strains. All this depends on the good health of the people and their physical fitness, which support the mental and emotional energy and resilience as well.

Fitness refers to the characteristics that enable the body to perform physical work. Good health and fitness therefore enhance the person ability to meet routine physical demands with enough energy reserve they possess and to withstand stress easily. Fitness depends on regular physical activity which promotes health and prevents diseases. Activities that promote fitness are themselves very enjoyable and they lead to award even in term of physical improvements.

If you want to be healthy and fit you need to be active. In general, fit and healthy people enjoys restful sleep, nutritional health, optimal body compositions and bone density, enhance resistance to colds and other infectious diseases, strong circulation and lung function, low risk of cardiovascular diseases, low risk of diabetes, low incidence and severity of anxiety and depression, strong self image and long and high quality of life in the long run.

As person become physical fit, the health of the entire body improves. To acquire good health, person needs to develop enough flexibility, muscle strength, muscle endurance and cardio respiratory endurance. In this context some of the fitness exercises important for your health are:

Strength and Resistance Exercises: They include body building and weight lifting. These provide flexibility and increase muscle strength. Increase muscle strength allows them to work harder and longer without getting fatigue. But before starting the fitness program make sure it is safe for you to do so. If you want to loose extra weight, resistance training is good in this regard since muscles have more areas to burn fats. These exercises also improves the weaken muscles.

Flexibility Exercises: Flexibility means the capacity of the joints to move through a full range of motion and the ability to bend and recover without injury. It is helpful as it allows the joints to move with less injury. These exercises allow breathing naturally and deeply and increasing circulation and removing muscle tensions.

Cardiovascular Exercises: There are number of such exercises. Simple one is skipping, running, jogging and brisk walking, climbing stairs, swimming etc. Others include aerobic exercises, the main purpose of these are the utilization of glycogen for their power instead of oxygen. The benefits include increase cardiac output, improved ability of lungs and heart to deliver oxygen, muscles of heart become strong and enable you to engage in any activity for longer period of time.

So these are some of the basic healthy exercises. You can maintain yourself healthy by engaging yourself in different activities like playing badminton, basket ball, soft ball and work outs. Crunches are also good exercises that enable one to achieve desired shape and body figure.

In nut shell, physical activity brings positive reward: good health, long life and freedom from diseases.

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