Creative activities and brain health

creating activities

With increasing age our brain starts declining and this typical begins before age 40. In order to keep brain active and sharp, we all have to work on it. It is not only for people above age 35 or 40 but is important for all age groups. We all need to take productive actions to keep our brains in silhouette, regardless of any age. As it is for all, unused parts of the body stop working and are true for vacant brain too. Our brain wants exercise and by performing certain skills we can improve brain sharpness and cognitive function. We have found that putting brain into new activities arouses new horizons. Challenging your brain open up new conduits that emerge out to act as alternate paths when our neurons degenerate in middle and the old age.

You can try our some ideas below, helpful for accomplishing your pursuit for intellectual robustness.

Do Mediation Daily

The single best thing you can do for health of your mind as well as body is mediation. It is perhaps the most important workout for the brain that not only soothes it but keeps it energetic. It can even help in dealing a lots of health problems. By generating a diverse brain conditions; you employ your brain in new and motivating ways while escalating your brain vigor.

Engage yourself in Physical Activities

Physical exercises are essential for keeping yourself physical and mentally fit. When you try to engage yourself in some activity, your brain learns new things and makes it possible for you to perform all activities accurately. In this way, indirect exercise of the brain occurs. So walk, run, do jogging and take parts in different sports.

Learn Making New Things

Since learning is purely the work of brain, it will give you double benefits. Firstly, engages your brain to work, enhance your power of memory and make you skillful person as well.  When you become skilled at something, you put it into action and relate things differently. The quest of learning keeps your brain working and generating ideas. Here are some creative activities you can do to keep brain lively.

Start Writing Stories/blogs/Articles

You can write anything you want to. You can share your thinking via your writing. You can make your blogs and convey your ideas. When you start to write, your brain will adjust accordingly and will generate different ideas that you will put forward through your writings.

Decorate your home By things created by You

Yes, you can decorate your home and keep your brain in use at the same time. Try making decoration pieces from easily accessible material at home. This creativity will indeed enhance your brain to great extent. In this regard, you can learn making flower with crap paper. You can utilize old newspaper and can make their paste, after that you can create different materials out of it and then spray them with different colors. You can build an airplane out of toothpicks. In this way not only you will save money but decorate your home and keep your brain active by challenging it with such activities and ideas. You will get 3 in 1 benefits!

Learn Paintings

You can learn to paint and can even start your business of painting pictures. When you want to paint out something new, it will put your brain in another test, as brain is used more and more, it will remain lively and keep generating more ideas to you. When your brain is fit, you will also feel fit and work with more concentration

Gain Knowledge and Skill of Printing

Learn printing techniques and its different types. Printing can not only be learned by an adult but children can also learn it. It will enhance their brain to function more. You can learn block printing, or cutter printing etc.


Reading different kinds of books or topics of interest also keep your brain engage plus enrich it with knowledge and information of different sorts. Try reading some contemporary books or stories. Not only will your brain get a calisthenics by visualizing different things, you will also have fascinating stories to tell regarding your reading, what it leads you conjure up.

Nourish Brain with Healthy Foods via Learning Cooking

Eating healthy food is essential to keep the brain healthy too. When we eat food, it provides nutrients especially glucose which is taken up by the brain cells. It is then used as brain energy fuel. For making brain strong you can eat fish oils, olive oil or nuts e.g. walnuts and seeds for instance flax seed. Transfats should be avoided. You can search and cook different foods as well. Learning new recipes will be an added benefit to you

Play Different Games

Brain health programs and games are fantastic methods to mock and dare your brain. Playing games such as crosswords, Sudoku, and other electronic games can all perk up your brain’s tempo and memory. Since these games basis are on logic, math, or word skills etc, leading your brain to think. These games are the source of entertainment also.

Brain can stay healthy by following fundamental conventions. Brain invokes on variety and the inquisitiveness or curiosity. Inquisitiveness about the world around you, how it operates and likewise questions arising in your mind will keep your brain functioning quick and competently.

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