Brain Supplements For Children’s Memory

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Is your child having learning problems when studying for school?

An important day, when our children are back to their schools and start studying again, and here comes the importance of revitalization and strengthening of their memories to install the information they receive throughout the school year.

How do we help children to enhance memory and remembering?

Retaining the past expertise in one of the important conditions required for adaptation, things, situations and incidents faced by the human don’t be erased by its termination or absence, but leaves remembered marks called (Memories), and the student who observes an experiment carried out in front of him by his teacher and watches its result, can keep this what we may called experience, and can restore it back when the teacher asks him about it. So the restoration of the previous experiences passing the human, is an activity called remembering, and it is very normal for the remembering to be preceded by installing experiences to be retained and restored, therefore, the installation (or conservation), and remembering are inseparable, the mental growth of the child is the responsibility of those who take care of his raising and education as knowing his characteristics will be will very useful in the learning and choosing the most appropriate conditions to access his abilities and aptitudes to the fullest extent possible.

Child’s Memory

The memory of the child is a sensory nature, as he remembers the experiences that is given to him in personalize and sensible manner and in the form of realistic things, and therefore it is recommended for the teaching methods in the classes to specially depend on using physical means and practice to reach a clear experiences which is more stable in the mind. For the child to acquire the concepts including the abstract concepts and the growth of thinking and the ability to understand the relationships, that clearly develops his ability to remember any verbal materials.

Foods to strengthen the memory of your children.

Under the large number of reasons that lead to a weak memory of children, it has been found that there is a group of foods and nutrients that can help to strengthen the children’s memory, as:

  • Tuna and salmon: This must be had from 2 to 3 times a week, because it contains the "Omega 3" which absorbs fatty deposits in blood vessels supplying the brain and therefore stimulate the memory of children.
  • Vegetables and fruit: Containing vitamins that help to get rid of oxidizing substances harmful to brain cells, vegetables, such as: broccoli, spinach and red pepper, and fruits, such as: raspberries, strawberries, cherries and plums.
  • Nuts in adequate quantities: Like almonds and walnuts, which is made up of monounsaturated fats, nuts help to get rid of oxidizing substances harmful to brain cells, it is also give a feeling of fullness and satisfaction.
  • Broccoli, and cobalt lemon, green onions, garlic, brown bread and rice, which helps strengthen and activate the memory of the child.
  • Drinking three cups of milk daily, that is the best choice for the child not only for his memory, but also for his bones.

All the required vitamins and minerals found in the composition of all these foods can be also found in natural supplements, especially brain supplements. They have the very same effect like eating all that food or even more. The brain supplements can also have important amino acids in their composition which our brain desperately needs for a good function.

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