Best exercises for burning calories

fitness exercises

Fitness refers to sound state of body that shows the ability to perform some physical activity. A person should possess an ability to meet the physical demand with enough stored nergy to rise to an unexpected challenge. A person is also said to fit if he withstands stress. It is not easy to achieve fitness by doing nothing. If someone is obese and wants to slim, he has to work on it. We will here throw light on different exercises that help you to burn your calories and keep you fit. Before have a look on these guidelines necessary for achievement of fitness.

Guidelines For  Developing Fitness

Frequency of activity – 3 to 5 days per week

Intensity of activity – 50 to 90% of maximum heart rate

Duration of activity – 20 to 60 minute of nonstop activity

Mode of activity – Activity utilizing large muscle groups

Resistance Activity – Strength training for2 timer per week

These are some major parameters indispensable to get benefits from the exercise you’re performing.  There are various exercises that burn calorie if you do regularly, for example

  • Aerobic Exercises
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Weight training exercises

Aerobic Exercises

These exercises enable our muscles to work as a whole and increase the basal metabolic rate. By performing aerobic exercises one can feel viable difference in his weight. Aerobic exercise, if done by a person for time duration of about twenty minutes or more, having no heart disease, can lead to maximum caloric burning. They make use of oxygen to meet the energy requirement during exercise.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are done by using muscles of the leg. They work in two fashion i.e. they lower the blood pressure plus burns extra calories. You can perform such exercises simply by cycling biking, running, jumping, ladder climbing etc

  • Running/Walking Briskly

Running helps you to become fit at heart as well as loss weight since continuous running for period of about an hour can loss more than 500 calories easily. Walking briskly may also help here in losing considerable calories. Cardiovascular fitness is achieved by running for 3 minutes and then walking briskly for 1 minute.

  • Cycling

Cycling is also simplest and easy exercise that anyone can do. There are chances of burning of around 700 calories if you take a round for an hour on your cycle.

Weight training exercises/Strength-Training Exercise

The weight training exercises provide successful weight loss over the long-standing period via raising the resting metabolic rate. It is the rate which determines the use of body calories while at rest. It is found out that muscle tissues are more metabolically active than the tissues of fat. In other words it necessitates more calories to maintain it. Therefore, we can say that having strong and more muscle bulk; you will enjoy higher basal metabolic rate. Therefore, exercise such as strength training enables you to build more muscle mass and loss significant weight simultaneously.

Why exercises are needed for Burning Fats?

Since our body is not so much capable of providing muscles as well as heart the enough amount of oxygen, so oxygen is provided by anaerobic sources present in our muscles.  But when a person exercises for longer duration say about 20-30 minutes all the stored glycogen is used up and then body rely on the stored fats. The fats come into action to compensate this glycogen loss. In this way, now body utilizes stored fats which work like fuel to the muscles. Ultimately, regular exercise leads to burning of fats via metabolism and with the result significant weight loss is achieved.

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