10 Fitness Exercises That You Should Do Everyday


We all want to live healthy and fit yet find ourselves too busy to perform little exercises. Exercises are, in fact, very important because they offer a large number of benefits to us. In this context, we have gathered 10 exercises that are easy to carry out and should be performed everyday for health of your body.


It is the easiest exercise that everyone must do. Walking enhances the flowing of blood throughout the body. It keeps the blood pressure at normal level as well. It is even beneficial for those who want to lose weight. Before going to sleep all must do walking for 20 to 30 minutes daily.


These are perhaps the most favorite exercise of a lot of people. This will help building the muscles of your arms and chest. It also helps in making your arms strong and powerful.


This is a superlative exercise for making up your abdominal muscles. It not only makes muscles of abdomen but also makes your abdomen flat. Start with little sessions of crunches and gradually increase them, you will definitely see an amazing benefit.


Dancing is a fantastic work out, which is in fact great for the health of your heart. It is also one of the favorite workout for lots of people particularly females. Dance also lifts your spirits and offers you in general a good feeling.

Running or Jogging

These are great work outs for your heart health. You can run while listening to music. Anyone can run it’s not a big or difficult exercise. It enhances flow of blood to heart as well as to other organs of the body. The only thing you will need is a good pair of shoes, to get rid of any stress to your legs.

Light Lifting of Weight

It is not necessary to go out and get costly weights to carry out this workout. You can simply do them by just some sorts of heavy equipment at home for instant a can of peas or any other tool like water cans. But if you are in the favor of buying weight, then it’s the great option. Buy them and perform this work out daily. It will help building and strengthening of your muscles of the arms well.

Skipping Rope

Again, it’s the hot favorite exercise of most of the girls. Boys can also perform it easily. In fact, it is for all who want to do it. This is a good cardiovascular workout.

Leg Lifts

These are good for making up strength as well as the muscles of your legs. Some may, however, find it hard but it is easy if you get habit of doing it daily.


These are superb exercises for the muscles of your buttocks and legs. You can even perform these by standing up and sitting again from a usual chair, in case you find them too difficult to be carried out conventionally. Given that you’re able to carry out a few repetitions, you will be giving some advantage to your body.

Knee Lift With Lateral Raise

This exercise makes your core balance and strength improved plus makes stronger the tones of your shoulders. It is also easy to execute.

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